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Powerful, Scalable, & Easy to Use IntelligenT Data Analytics

The trusted solution for enhancing yields, reducing defects per million (DPM), and optimizing semiconductor manufacturing processes.

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The Galaxy Difference

Galaxy Semiconductor distinguishes itself through a blend of deep technical expertise, a commitment to quality, and a broad product portfolio. With a foundation dating back to 1998, the company has become the most trusted company in test data analysis and IC yield management, providing "semiconductor intelligence" and software solutions that enhance decision-making and process improvement​​.


Commitment to Quality

Broad Product Portfolio

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years in the business
different semiconductor data formats
users around the world
total device characterization time reduced from 6 months

Semiconductor intelligence

Experience the future of semiconductor test data analytics with Galaxy's industry-leading semiconductor software solutions, delivering unrivaled efficiency, cost savings, and groundbreaking insights.


Converts overwhelming process data streams into concise, actionable insights to empower engineers to anticipate and prevent equipment issues, reduce downtime and enhance productivity.

  • Advanced machine learning algorithms for prediction of downstream metrology results.
  • Automatically validates, cleans, and aligns data
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Ideal for device characterization, reliability assessment, and yield analysis, it serves as a scalable solution  for product, and test engineers from first silicon through production.

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Offers unattended monitoring, scheduled reporting, and real-time alerts, ensuring that production stays within the expected yield parameters and equipping engineers with the tools for detailed analysis should anomalies arise.

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Excels in detecting and excluding outlier devices that could compromise long-term reliability. It balances defects per million (DPM) and yield, integrating seamlessly with existing test environments to deliver industry-leading DPM reduction.

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Parsing wizard

Galaxy Semiconductor’s Parsing Wizard helps to easily import custom data without any custom parsers or development, especially if it’s not one of the 120 test data formats already accepted.

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Galaxy Semiconductor to Acquire Ippon Innovation

Galaxy Semiconductor to Acquire Ippon Innovation

Acquisition will bring together Ippon's Data Science Expertise, Patented Algorithms, and Galaxy's State of the Art Data Management systems.
April 12, 2022
5 min read
EDA Solutions Limited announce Reseller Agreement with Galaxy Semiconductor

EDA Solutions Limited announce Reseller Agreement with Galaxy Semiconductor

Fareham, UK, and Menlo Park, California, USA, 8th September 2020 - EDA Solutions Limited announce a new agreement with Galaxy Semiconductor, provider of test data analysis and defect reduction software, that will see EDA Solutions become their reseller in Europe and Israel.
September 16, 2020
5 min read
The Next Revolution is Coming

The Next Revolution is Coming

On Aug 3rd, Galaxy Semiconductor officially “closed the deal,” making us an independent entity once again: ready and eager to be back serving our customers and innovating new solutions to meet the needs of the ever-changing semiconductor industry.
August 20, 2020
5 min read

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