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Unlock the Power of Precision with Examinator-Pro

Examinator-Pro™, a combination of EXAMINe and translATOR, is Galaxy's flagship software solution for semiconductor engineers. It transforms standard test data files into comprehensive reports and enables you to drill down into the data interactively for root-cause analysis. New features include multi-variable corner-case characterization, accelerated life testing, and fast, flexible queries on massive datasets. Supporting standard semiconductor data files such as STDF, GDF, e-Test (WAT and PCM), CSV, and over 120 datalog formats, it empowers engineers to conduct device characterization, test program qualification, reliability analysis, and yield analysis studies with ease.

Examinator-Pro is the industry standard for semiconductor data analysis, used by over 8,500 engineers across fabless, IDM, and ATE companies. Typically, these engineers use Examinator-Pro to conduct characterization of early samples, then qualify the product and test hardware before the production ramp using repeatability, correlation, and reliability analysis. Once the production volumes ramp, they use Examinator-Pro again to diagnose yield excursions. Given the billions of data points and the time pressure to resolve issues quickly, rapid data analysis is critical. Examinator-Pro delivers speed and efficiency, making it the preferred tool for applications engineers at the top 3 ATE companies: Advantest, Cohu, and Teradyne.

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Features & Applications

Thousands of users attest to the value of Examinator-Pro in helping them get their jobs done faster and allowing more time for high-value activities. And since it acts as a common user interface for all Galaxy products, using Examinator-Pro helps prepare you for automated yield management with Yield-Man and automated outlier removal with PAT-Man.

Fast Analysis:

Analyze large data sets stored in the MariaDB database eliminating the need to maintain raw data files

Multi-variable charecerization wizard:

Perform corner-case analysis across multiple process corners, voltages, temperatures, frequencies, etc.

Genealogy and die trace:

Correlate parametric data from wafer probe back to fab data (PCM, WAT, etc.), and create wafermaps from final test data.
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Examinator Applications

Examinator is used for a broad range of applications in engineering and production processes including:

  • PVT corner case analysis
  • Test time optimization
  • Test program limit tuning
  • Root cause analysis
  • Tester correlation studies
  • Subcontractor qualification
  • Quality and reliability analysis