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USA Today Hyperdrive

Hyperdrive is a state-of-the-art data process data system for Advanced Process Control. It ingests millions of process control data points for each batch or run. Data are automatically validated, temporally aligned, and augmented as needed.

Depending on the application, the cleaned and aligned data are then presented to one of an array of available analysis tools for predictive maintenance, virtual metrology, and advanced process control.

Hyperdrive’s scalability and adaptability make it a versatile tool that revolutionizes predictive analytics and process optimization in various industries looking to enhance operational efficiency and minimize unforeseen disruptions.

The result of two years of R&D in collaboration with our industry partners, Hyperdrive has proven itself with real fab data in multiple real production environments.

Key benefits

  • Frees up engineers’ time and energy for more strategic pursuits
  • Empowers engineers to anticipate potential problems before they happen
  • Reduces the significant expenses linked to unexpected downtime
  • Alleviates the burden of downstream metrology
  • Empowers engineers with the means to seamlessly navigate the complexities of modern manufacturing