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Empower Yield Management

Yield-Man™ is an enterprise yield management solution that streamlines production test yield management for fabless companies, IDMs, and test subcons by automating data collection and analysis processes. With flexible, scheduled report generation and email alerting, Yield-Man keeps you informed and enables you to focus on strategic initiatives.

Yield-Man™ effectively acts as a silent sentry, monitoring yield for all device types across all your test subcons and enabling you to manage by exception. When the overall yield or results for specific parts or tests fall outside of the expected range, Yield-Man™ will alert you via email that there is a problem that may require your attention. Then, you can use the full power of Examinator-Pro™ data analysis capabilities to drill down into the test data for detailed root-cause analysis.

Yield-Man™ Lite

Yield-Man is a scalable yield management solution for any engineer, whether at a start-up or a large company. For those with smaller production volumes who need the power of the relational database but may not currently need the automation engine of the full Yield-Man solution, ask us about Yield-Man Lite!

Features & Applications

Key Benefits

Product and Test Engineering

  • Boost engineering productivity by eliminating repetitive manual data processing.
  • Focus on high-value activities like yield improvement with exception-based yield management.
  • Leverage Examinator-Pro for detailed data analysis and root-cause identification.

Supply Chain Management

  • Enhance vendor quality with continuous yield monitoring across the supply chain.
  • Identify yield issues early and compare vendor and product performance.
  • Pinpoint the causes of excessive failures and provide feedback to suppliers.


  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs through timely yield, volume, and cost data insights.
  • Make accurate cost projections and monitor operational efficiency.
  • Achieve decreased device costs and improved profit margins.

Key Features

  • Automated data collection and insertion
  • Automated consolidation of retest data
  • Programmable alarms for bins and parametrics
  • SYA (Statistical Yield Analysis) alarms (option)
  • Automated customizable reports
  • Correlate wafer probe data to fab data and create wafer maps from final test data
  • Real-time dashboards with drill-down
  • Deep root cause analysis with Examinator-Pro