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Galaxy Semiconductor to Acquire Ippon Innovation

Acquisition will bring together Ippon's Data Science Expertise, Patented Algorithms, and Galaxy's State of the Art Data Management systems.

Galaxy Semiconductor, Inc. announces that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Ippon Innovation of Toulouse, France, a provider of unique Advanced Statistics and AI Algorithms for improving Reliability, Quality, Yield, & Efficiency for semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and other industries....

"With this acquisition, we'll be adding a portfolio of unique & powerful IP to Galaxy's data management solutions. In addition, we'll be onboarding some positively brilliant Data Scientists and Software Developers." said Wes Smith, CEO of Galaxy. "Having worked in partnership with Ippon for several years, we're looking forward to announcing new products in the very near future incorporating Ippon technology that will bring unique and differentiated value to our customers."

Full PRNewswire Article:

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