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Holiday Maze 2021
General Rules & Tips

  1. Click the image below to download the full resolution so you can zoom in. 

  2. Start at the bottom of the tree beginning with the letter "D"

  3. Follow the maze to connect letters and fill in the solution

  4. At times you'll need to exit the tree, and when you do, you must come back in the same side (bottom, left, right, top), but in any opening on that side

  5. The Star at the top does not block entry or exit (you can, and will, need to go through it once).

  6. Each instance of each letter will be passed through and used exactly once. Meaning you'll never connect the same exact placement of the same letter more than once, and there will be no letters remaining that you haven't crossed through when completed.

  7. Since there is a lot of flexibility as to which paths you may take through the maze, there are many ways to get to the solution. Even though it has been designed to ensure that your path will never cross over itself within the tree (it will cross over itself outside the tree when having exited the tree and moving to re-enter into the same side. See rule #3). However it's not against the rules to cross paths within the tree to finish the solution, but it might be easier to try not to since you know it's possible.

  8. If you zoom in enough, you might see images within the maze that might give you a hint from what holiday movie the solution is inspired by, especially near the last letter (but has a semiconductor-based twist to it).

  9.  If you get stuck, you can scroll down on this page to see the next word, and how to connect it.

Don't scroll down unless you are stuck!

Word # 1 = Don't


Galaxy-Maze-Hint-1 (1).jpg

Word #2 = Forget


Word #3 = To


Word #4 = Keep


Word #5 = The


Word #6 = Probers


Word #7 = Running!


The solution was inspired by the classic Christmas movie "A Christmas Story" where he had to decode a message, and it was "Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine". If you zoom into the star at the top, and right near the last letter, you'll see images from the movie in the tree!
We hope you had fun with this!

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